curated to help you be your own kind of beautiful.


curated to help you be your own kind of beautiful.


BB Accessories

BB accessories offer you an effortless way to express yourself with

fun, feminine, and chic pieces

that elevate any outfit and complete every look.

headbands that fit your style and your life

The quickest way to elevate your “Look of the day”?

A fashionable, functional, and fuss-free headband will do the trick.
Make a fashion statement or simply add a feminine touch with a piece that pulls it all together.

our best selling

These pieces are the real deal.

Our most sought-after finishing touches with that effortless, shabby chic vibe that’s unmistakably delightful.

Shop our best sellers and all of our new hand-selected accessories here.

satisfy your style cravings and elevate your everyday

Adding a piece from the BB Accessories collection is like pulling a personal stylist from your pocket.

In seconds you have an instantly feminine and lovely look.

From running to the store to heading out for date night, you’ll find just the piece you need to feel your best, no matter where your day (or night) takes you!

about BB Accessories

pretty, practical, and pulled together.

BB Accessories are designed to bring that vibrant, confident, stunning post-salon-style experience to your daily life.

We’ve hand-selected soft, light, feminine pieces that allow you to be fun, chic, and fashion-forward.

And while we are inspired by salon experiences, our pieces are designed to help you curate your look in seconds rather than hours.

To learn more about BB Accessories and the inspiration behind the brand, check out our story here.